sticks & stones


Recently, there have been so many posts about the Sabah earthquake.
It makes me kind of sad to see the entire cyber world at war with each other about whose fault it is, who we should blame, and who should be responsible.
I don’t understand. Shouldn’t we be empathetic instead of inward-looking? Shouldn’t we extend comfort and love instead of spreading dispute and even hate?
This is a tragedy. We should mourn and pray for the victims & their families.
Not carry out some form of keyboard war over who is right or wrong.

Read this post and it’s exactly what Singapore needs to hear:

We can’t stop the falling rocks but we can stop throwing stones.

These people are heroes.
If you have not given your life to save that of others, then you do not have the right to speak.
Let’s celebrate chivalry and love.
Let’s honour the heroes amongst us.


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