random thoughts flutter

feeling tired at the end of a long day but happy (:

looked through some photos on fb of my classmates and what’s been going on in their lives.
it’s so strange as i started to think what if i hadnt sacrificed all that i’ve sacrificed to live the life i’m living now.
i could be having it so much better in some ways.

but the smile on the face of someone who has spent most of his life crying,
the love that is reciprocated and passed on,
the warmth of a hug and a thanks and
i love you!

all these moves my heart and makes every sacrifice, every effort, every ounce of energy so worth it.

there will be good days and bad days.
good days keep you full of faith,
bad days make you love Him more.

Matthew 10:34-38 (The Message)

34-37″Don’t think I’ve come to make life cozy. I’ve come to cut—make a sharp knife-cut between son and father, daughter and mother, bride and mother-in-law—cut through these cozy domestic arrangements and free you for God. Well-meaning family members can be your worst enemies. If you prefer father or mother over me, you don’t deserve me. If you prefer son or daughter over me, you don’t deserve me.

38-39″If you don’t go all the way with me, through thick and thin, you don’t deserve me. If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.

it’s all worth it.
i’ll never trade this for anything. i’ll never.

i wish i could tell everyone this.


One thought on “random thoughts flutter

  1. G for….
    Guess who i am! (and also for my name) Hahahahahaha

    Thanks for posting this meaningful message up indeed. Love all your posts. Thank you!!!

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