samson & delilah

i was just reading my bible about samson and i realised something really cool.

we always thought that samson blindly fell to the lies of delilah, and yes it was the woman’s fault for luring him.

but i noticed that before samson told her the secret of his strength, she had asked him about it 3 times prior. each time he lied and each time, the phillistines would carry out the lie on him to see if his strength would disappear. So, the strange thing is that Samson would have known that Delilah was working for the Phillistines to get him killed. 3 times is more than just a coincidence, you’d have to be extremely dumb to not notice it.

Why did Samson still spend time with Delilah, still hang around when he knew that she didn’t really love him?

I realised that like many of us, Samson was simply blinded by his desire for the woman. Too caught up in the pleasures of today to look towards the greater goal God has in our lives. Just too caught up that we walk willingly into a trap and away from the presence of God.

it’s so easy to just get caught up with the excitement and the fun of every day life that we go a bit too far and walk a bit too out of God’s plan in our lives. it makes it all the more important for us to be like steel to ourselves and be so so so tight on our character and the decisions we make.

it makes me all the more set on thinking things through before doing them.

one thing i admired about Samson was his courage. a mistake was made, but he didn’t give up faith or hope in God. in the face of the worst circumstances, he stil cried out to God for strength again, and he was not afraid to scarifice his own life for it.

At that point in time, he could have just died a simple death, but he chose to die with honour.

I was reading a random, silly book, but this thing cuaght my eye

A great leader has

1. the ability to feel fear

2. the ability to ignore it

there’s a 3rd thing to add on though

3. the ability to have faith instead